DNA 3″ : Light Rigid Loudspeaker Cone Material

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DNA 3″ : Hand Made Full Range Loudspeaker Cone

DNA 3" Fullrange Driver

The DNA3 full range loudspeaker features extraordinary materials for an ideal cone that is light and rigid, and more importantly one that produces the most natural and clearest sound. The DNA3’s cone will not give excessive details on high frequency, rather, it emphasises on producing the perfect vocal and a clean and balanced lower frequecy sound.
Making it the perfect midrange speaker for a 4 way system when used with a subwoofer, midbass and tweeter.

This hand built cone is made out of aluminum foil coated porous carbon cell. A sturdy material that is just like egg shells – it is strong enough to protect its content but nevertheless will still break when dropped or crushed.

Carbon Aluminium Sandwich Cone

Our Handmade 3" Cone

Each DNA3’s cone has a unique aluminum texture that not one cone will appear exactly the same. However, the opposite applies to the cone’s response frequency. Despite the unique appearance, every single cone has the exact response frequency – a result of our rigid quality control and years of experience in manufacturing and development.

The DNA3 driver speaker comes with a protective grill to protect its exceptional cone from impacts with external objects that might damage the cone.

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